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Posted by Decker on August 27th, 2012

The Celtics are the best team in Boston. Another title run is still left in the tank.

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Quick Look into 2012 Patriots

Posted by GameSetMatch on July 11th, 2012

Is this the year that the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl after being defeated by the team from New York? No it is not the team most Patriots fans hate, the New York Jets but it’s the New York Giants. Patriots seem like they cannot get away from the New Yorkers but this year seems like they can get the job done. This off-season many key moves done by the Patriots were to help the defense. All except for one player drafted by the Patriots are defensive players. Something needed to be done to help their 31st ranked pass defense. They also picked up three defensive players in free agency. It seems like they were playing a game at and trying to correctly line up there players for a winning season. . Improving their defensive and offensive running game is also a key to success for the Patriots. Once they can land in the top 15 in each of those categories on top on being ranked 2nd in the league for pass offense can take them to the ultimate prize and bragging rights to both New York teams. The main key is that Tom Brady stays health and has the support of his receivers Deion Branch, Wes Welker and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Plus a boost up from how the defense played last year and the Lombardi trophy is theirs for the taking.

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What no Tim Thomas next year mean to the Boston Bruins

Posted by kirsch17 on June 5th, 2012

A four all-star, 2 Vezina trophy winner, Conn Symthe winner, Silver medalist and most importantly 2011 Stanley Cup Champion. Those are all the qualities any player in the NHL wants. Those are all of the qualities Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas has. After playing all four year at The University of Vermont Thomas came into the NHL in 2002 after a few years playing in the AHL and IHL. It wasn’t until 2005 that he cemented his stay in the big leagues and has never looked back…until he recently decided he was going to take an entire year off from playing the game he loves. News of him not returning shocked the hockey world, most importantly Bruins fans. After witnessing a winning season in 2011, they saw their beloved Bruins fall in game 7 to the Washington Capitals in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But Bruins fans never thought their starting goalie would leave.

Thomas is 38 years old. He has a wife and kids and claims to be taking time away from the game to be with the people he loves. With his family living in Colorado, after Thomas moved them mid-season, living in Boston would be difficult for him to see his family. But another thing Tim Thomas has is one year remaining on his four-year contract. This coming year while Thomas is enjoying his time away from the ice with him family, the Bruins will be eating $5 million that is left on Thomas’s contract, and that is with not knowing what the CBA will be in the coming months. Thomas has really put the Bruins in a bind. Tukka Rask would be a starter on any other team, and now he will get to prove himself in the 2012-2013 season. But knowing they will be out a significant amount of money, and now needing to find a decent backup goalie the Bruins management has their backs up against the wall. Thomas clearly is over playing in Boston after waiving his no trade clause in 2010 and with moving his family to Colorado he is sending a message loud and clearly to the entire league. He says he still wants to play because he has his sights on playing in the 2014 Winter Olympics but in reality, he will be 40 years old and haven taken an entire season away from the game where other US goalies like Jonathan Quick, Ryan Miller, Craig Anderson, among others will have had the time to improve. The 2012-2013 season will be one full of tests for the 2011 Stanley Cup Champs, tests no fans is ready to endure.

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Which Idiot Would You Rather Have Coaching Your Team?

Posted by sportsfannw on April 17th, 2012

In the past two weeks, two MLB managers that can never keep their mouth shut are at it again. First Ozzie Guillen made one of the worst and most controversial statements any manager has ever made, claiming that he respected Fidel Castro because he had been a dictator for 60 years and everyone is trying to kill him but can’t succeed in doing so. Making those comments in Miami, which has a very big Cuban population was even a bigger mistake. Ozzie was suspended and will return this week.

On a similar note, Bobby Valentine once again put his foot in his mouth when he called out the effort of Kevin Youkilis, a 3-time all star and very well respected Red Sox player both by fans and his teammates. Second basemen Dustin Pedroia came to the defense of Youk and was quoted saying “I don’t know what Bobby was trying to do, but that’s not how we do things around here.” For Red Sox fans and players, this is just the beginning. Bobby knows baseball, but is he worth the headaches that he constantly creates?

Both managers have had success in the big leagues but they have both also caused a great deal of controversy every place they have been. On that note, who would you rather have as the manager for your team? Bobby Valentine or Ozzie Guillen?

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Grand Opening Sale! Get 20% OFF to Celebrate…

Posted by GameSetMatch on August 23rd, 2011

Click here to see a larger image..

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Bruins hammer Canucks after Nathan Horton injury

Posted by Adam Bierenbaum on June 7th, 2011

When this years Stanley Cup finals comes to an end, we may look back at the 5:07 mark of the first period of last nights game 3, as the turning point in the series. Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton was skating near the middle of the ice, when he fed a pass to Milan Lucic on the left side, but, with Horton’s head still turned that way, Aaron Rome of the Vancouver Canucks, launched into him at the blue line. Horton’s head hit hard on the ice as the two players spilled to the ground. Immediately after the dirty hit, the raucous TD Garden fans instantly turned into a silent, and anxious fan base. As Horton lay on his back, cameras caught his eyes rolling back; the capacity crowd took a collective breath. Horton, who is second on the Bruins in postseason points, was cared to on ice for an extremely long time before he was finally taken of the ice on a stretcher. Watching this unfold, you had to wonder if this hit was the nail in the coffin for the Bruins, who are searching for their first title since 1973. How would the Bruins respond to watching one of their leaders, lay on the ice motionless?

Well, the Bruins did not score on the ensuing five-minute power play, nor did they tally a goal in the first period. It looked like they were physically tired, and emotionally spent. But then in the locker room, in between periods, something happened. Reports came in from Massachusetts General Hospital that Horton was “moving all his extremities.” The Bruins were finally able to take their mind for a little bit, off their fallen teammate and onto the task at hand. Bruins Coach Claude Julien implored his team to respond in a way that would make Horton proud. This was one of the moments that you usually only see in movies. One of those rare moments that can draw a team together and propel them forward. The Bruins seized this moment and never looked back.

It was time for the Bruins to finally get some payback. They decided not to respond with fists, but with something that hurts much more…. Goals. They rallied around Horton, their battered teammate. They propped up their embattled coach, then cashed in on their chance at redemption behind their goaltender Tim Thomas, who was again, in the words of Daniel Sedin, “beyond unbelievable.” The Bruins were finally playing with a purpose, as they went on to blow the Canucks out 8-1. They played such a hard-nosed, physical game, something we hadn’t seen in this final yet from the B’s.

There was no better moment that exemplified the Bruins’ play last night than when Henrik Sedin, who leads the Canucks with 21 playoff points, attempted to bat down the puck right in front of the Bruins’ crease in an array of third-period activity. Tim Thomas sized up the young center, then sent him to the ice with a cross check that sent one message. Not in My House, and Certainly Not Tonight.

As the Bruins left the Arena last night, there were a lot of questions to be answered. They didn’t know how their teammate was doing, or how they are going to play without Horton for the rest of the series. The one thing they did know though, was that they represented Horton in a way that would make him proud.

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Too Early To Worry

Posted by Decker on April 7th, 2011

Everybody needs to calm down. Yes the Red Sox are 0-5, but it is really not a big deal. Teams go through struggles, and this is just that. After three games, ESPN ran a panic meter for the Red Sox. How ridiculous is that? There are 157 games left. Red Sox Nation, this article is short, just like the struggles will be with the team. Don’t be ridiculous, and don’t panic.

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Celtics taking big risk without big man

Posted by jaychrist on March 2nd, 2011

Danny Ainge has rolled the dice numerous times as General Manager of the Boston Celtics coming up a winner every time, however his latest trade may crap out! The trade of center Kendrick Perkins shook the Celtics tightly wound cocoon and left all involved emotionally drained, except for Ainge. Its a general managers job to make the hard decisions and take the heat that comes with those decisions but this one may be hard to sell. Although Perkins has been injured for most of the season dating back to last years NBA finals and recently turned down a four year $30 million extension he is still one in a small class of centers in the league. It has been logged into the history of the NBA that you can’t win a title without a good center and the Celtics just traded one of them for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.
Look at the last three NBA champions, in 2008 the Celtics won because the Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum was hurt and no one could guard Perkins. In 2009 the Lakers won because they were able to match Bynum against the Superior Dwight Howard and at least slow him down and in 2010 the Lakers won again! Why you ask? They won because Perkins got hurt in game six leaving them without a center for the two crucial games in Los Angeles and the Celtics had no one to replace him. Compile those previous three scenarios with the fact that one of the Celtics biggest threats is the Orlando Magic who have possibly the best center in the league in Howard. Howard is a monster and he abuses most teams with his size and strength, however his worst performances in his career have come against whom you ask? You guessed it…the Celtics!
Yet the biggest issue I have with this trade is that Ainge put all his money on Shaquille O’Neal being the Celtics center for the playoffs. The oft-injured Shaq isn’t able to dominate a game anymore, matter a-fact he isn’t much of a factor at all anymore. Take a look at the last two teams who put there playoff hopes in Shaq’s hands, the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavaliers and check the results…it blew up in there faces. I fear that Ainge and the Celtics have sealed their own fate with this ill-advised trade of Perkins. Again, you need a big man to win titles and the Celtics lack that now. So I ask you this question Mr. Ainge. Why take something that wasn’t broke and try to fix it?

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Let Perkins Walk

Posted by Decker on February 7th, 2011

Kendrick Perkins recently rejected a four-year deal from the Celtics that was worth roughly $30 million. But there is no way that the Celtics should budge with Perkins. The Celtics have a very old team, and their window to win only spans a couple more seasons. After that, it will be Rajon Rondo, and essentially, nothing. But who is to say that Perkins should be part of that? He has always had the benefit of playing with four all-stars in the lineup. On top of that, he is coming off of an ACL tear, and has not exactly shined (although understandable) since being back.

The CBA is expiring soon in the NBA, just like in the NFL. Contracts could drastically change, as the way contracts are structured are virtually unknown. Who is to say that Perkins will be able to get that type of contract in the off-season? Especially since he was just injured, I would bet that he would not get that kind of offer. If he does not want to take a generous offer, from a top team, in a good city to live in, then Boston should let him walk.

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Give Brady Help

Posted by Decker on February 7th, 2011

While they were the favorite to go to, and perhaps win the Super Bowl, the Patriots lost their only playoff game this year. This was shocking to many, especially since they were lead by Tom Brady, who was the unanimous choice for the MVP award. But what separated this year’s Patriots from those 16-0 Patriots was that unstoppable, dynamic offense. Brady is likely the best quarterback in the league. However, he does not exactly have prime players around him. Never has he had a standout running back behind him.

More importantly, Brady is lacking that passing threat. New England opted to trade Randy Moss, which was likely a good move. However, it is time to replace him. Even bringing him back should not be out of the realm of possibility. Chad Johnson (who will be using that name again) and Terrell Owens will both be free agents, and neither is likely to return to Cincinnati. Both come with baggage, but if there is one organization that can keep them under control, as shown with Moss, it is the Patriots.

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